About me :

Fatemeh Sheikhi Shahrivar was born 20 July 1989 at TehranIran. She started her primary educations in TehranIran. and passed her high school at Tehran, Iran and received Natural Sciece Diploma. Bachelor of Science (BS.c) in Agricultural Engineering (Soil Science Branch) in Mehrgan Institute of Higher Education, and also Master of Science  (MS.c) in Agricultural Engineering (Soil Science Branch) at Agricultural Engineering College, Soil Science Department, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) was his past academic educations.


Educations :

M. Sc, Agriculture engineering, Soil Science, Isfahan University of Technology.

Thesis topic: Effect of Gypsum on Potassium and Iron Uptake from Phlogopite by Alfalfa and Their Release Rate under Laboratory Conditions.

Supervisor: Prof.Hossein Khademi ,

Advisor: Prof. Amir Hossein Khoshgoftarmanesh

B. Sc, Agricultural Engineering, Soil Science, Mehrgan Institute of Higher Education.

Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Ali Khalaj


Research Interests :

Soil Science